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Steel Stocking Facility

Benefit from our steel stocking facilities that give you peace of mind and save time, money & space.

Many clients who buy their steel from Gardizi Steel enjoy the elasticity of having their material delivered swiftly. This avoids storage at their facility, which may lack the space, managing equipment, or climate-control measures for a full steel inventory. It can also help with cash flow, as a less working investment is tied up in storing steel that is not yet ready to be dealt with.

Most importantly, our Stocking Facility gives our steel-buying customers self-assurance to operate ‘lean,’ knowing their steel will be there when they need it, in the configuration they require, and with all mill certs and QC records. That’s smart supply chain management.

With 10 stocking locations that is having a total of 1,000,000 cubic meter storage capacity. With this facility, you place your order, and Gardizi Steel will do the rest.

Stocks and maintains.

Coordinates shipping and tracing

Provides swift delivery from all of our warehouses located throughout the country

Steel Bart, sheet and plate stocking

Both scheduled releases and short-notice delivery from the stock we manage.

On-time Delivery

“30 minutes or your pizza is free”, in this competitive world, the customer is king. Our customers are more educated and well-informed than ever before and their expectations are higher than ever. For many, on-time delivery can mean the difference between exceptional customer service and begging for forgiveness. The difference between production efficiencies and downtime, customer loyalty and lost sales & difference between market leadership and a not-so-fast follower position. What does on-time delivery mean to you?

Delivery at the right period and place, as guaranteed – that’s what we mean when we say on-time delivery.

At Gardizi Steel Supply Co., our approach to every customer may be tailored but our toolkit remains the same.

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Quote Via Phone

You may contact us by phone or e-mail if you require a formal quote or have special needs and would like a customer service representative to get in touch with you. In case you have any special requests or concerns, please get in touch with us as we can often make special arrangements for our clients.


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Value-added Services

Every business has its unique set of factual provisions and needs.

While we stock all the major steel sizes and specifications, we also excel at solving challenging problems. Our team was the valued advisor to many of the Afghanistan governmental and non-governmental organizations working for the community and international development that are experts at finding solutions to fit your needs.  We regularly support our customers with shipping orders large or small that are cut to length and tailored to their specifications.

We know your capacity to perform can be extremely affected by a breakdown in your supply chain. We offer many Value Added Services to meet your requirements for hard-to-find items and special needs.  Let Gardizi Steel Supply Co. be your Partner in Performance!

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Our business and technology consulting services can help investors, operators, and sponsors to develop new projects from concept to execution and existing businesses to deliver improvements and increase profitability. We apply our decades of consulting experience to assist our clients with solutions to their business and technology needs.

We offer a wide range of business and technology consulting services applicable throughout the project lifecycle, which can be tailored according to our client’s specific requirements. The range of services that we provide includes:

Project conceptual & feasibility design

Project conceptual & feasibility design

Assistance with due-diligence, restructuring, modernization, re-constructing, performance turnaround, and profit improvement

Project and operational risk assessments of your construction projects

Studies of product quality and improvement techniques

Plant and equipment supply and construction contracts

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Thank you for your interest in Gardizi Group. Please fill out the form below to ask a question. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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