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Gardizi Cooking oil

The Gardizi Group, A Diversified Business Group, Began Its Journey Three Decades Back. With Its Beginnings Rooted In Steel Supplies Trading, The Group Has Diversi- Fied Into Various Consumer And Industrial Sectors Over The Past 3 Decades Expand- Ing Its Portfolio In Afghanistan, Central Asia And The Middle-east. The Remarkable Growth Of The Group That Followed Through An Intensive Energy Of Investing In People And Practices, Created A Busi- Ness Portfolio Noticeably Diverse In Sec- Tors And Geographical Locations. The Group's Interests Are Spread Over Busi- Ness Sections That Include Steel Import & Supply, Food Items, Vehicle Sales, Con- Struction & Real Estate, Hotels & Hospi- Tality And Logistics & Transportation.

GG OIL Catalogue

Gardizi Sunflower Oil Health In Every Drop

Gardizi Sunflower Oil; Which Is Used In Cold Flavors, Hot Meals, Pas- Tries And Fried Foods Offers Healthy And Tasty Meals With Its Vitamin A, D & E Content And A Low Saturated Fat Percentage.

GG OIL Catalogue
GG OIL Catalogue

Gardizi Vegetable Ghee Health In Every Drop

Gardizi Vegetable Ghee, Whic Adds Flavor To All Your Recipes For Desserts, Salty Foods, Pastries And Main Courses With Its Rich Content, Tasty Flavor And Softconsistency, Accompanies You In The Kitchen In Every Hour Of The Day With Its Practical And All-purpose Use.

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